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Met Gala's 2019 Camp was a Bow Affair

May 09 2019

If you are anything like us, you tuned in live to watch the celebrities pour into the Met Gala on the first Monday of May...and have since scoured the internet for any looks we may have missed on tv :) Not to mention, the after-parties!

B-O-W-S were everywhere and we can barely handle it! 

To prove that bows owned the pink runway, see our gallery of bow-tastic Met Gala looks!

50 Photos of Princess Diana Wearing Bows and Neckties

April 16 2019

We recently joined Pinterest and to spread the word, we are sharing an excessive 50 photographs of the remarkable Princess Diana wearing bows and neckties because this is how we spent our first hour on Pinterest :)

Hope you enjoy these photos of philanthropist and fashion icon Princess Diana. Let us know your favorite look!

15 Go-to Instagram Accounts for Women's History Month

March 17 2019

Do you spend as much time on instagram as we do? :) With its 1 billion+ users and record holding egg, it can sometimes be a hassle to find what you are looking for. For Women's History Month, we collected our top 15 instagram accounts to learn about trailblazing women. Read on to see the accounts we check regularly and let us know who we are missing!

International Women's Day was Epic (Photo Gallery)

March 10 2019

This past Friday, March 8 was International Women's Day. It was truly an EPIC day for us at andieanderin. We had an amazing display of community from our necktie tribe, we attended 4 events throughout the week, got some nice media coverage, and our necktie was on stage at sxsw for a feminist fashion talk! 

Read on for more highlights and to see all the amazing photos of our necktie tribe wearing their power neckties in honor of the day.

2019 Women’s History Month

March 01 2019

The 2019 Women's History Month theme is ‘Visionary Women: Champions of Peace and Nonviolence.’

The National Women’s History Alliance describes this year’s theme and honorees: “This year we honor women who have led efforts to end war, violence, and injustice and pioneered the use of nonviolence to change society." Continue reading to hear about the eleven honorees

Is 2019 the Year Neckties Become a Staple in Women's Wardrobes?

February 18 2019

If social movements have anything to do with it, we think so. Neckties have been around for centuries, worn by both men and women. The design and material has changed through the years, but to this day, a necktie is a necessity in a man’s wardrobe, yet nowhere on the list of closet necessities for women. But that could change in 2019...

Galentine's Day Sweetheart Candies

February 06 2019

Did you hear?

There is an extreme shortage of sweetheart candies this Valentine's Day. But no need to fear. It appears the new NECCO owners, Spangler, will be bringing back the nostalgic candies in 2020 and we have some suggestions for what to press into these candies...

Inspiration Behind the Necktie Designs

December 31 2018

Our neckties are each a celebration of an influential women from history or today. Each one has a unique name and distinct design that was directly influenced by the influential woman muse. 

See more details on how we developed each design.

We are Turning 1!

December 04 2018
On Friday, December 7, we will officially be 1! We are so incredibly thankful to everyone that has supported our business and rocked our neckties! It has been a year of learning with major highs and major lows, but all in the name of starting and growing a business. See our greatest hits from our first year!

Holiday Shopping Gift Guide

December 02 2018

Our power neckties make a great gift for any women or girl in your life, but it can be tough to decide which necktie would be the best fit for your special friend or family member. See our guide below for an expanded list of the necktie personalities.

The Power of Bringing Women Together

August 21 2018
There are power in numbers, especially when it comes to gathering women together. We recently hosted a group of amazing women to talk influence, necktie designs, and styling - not to mention it all took place at a cafe named after Ada Lovelace! It was a magical evening. Here are a few of the photos.

Behind the Scenes of Designing Collection Two (told through GIFs)

July 16 2018

We want to let you in on a little behind the scenes action as to how we select our women muses and tackle the design process. With a little help from Giphy, we are taking you through the many steps and accompanying emotions we experienced when designing our second collection of neckties.

Welcome into our world :)

The Women that Inspired our First Necktie Collection

June 18 2018

We have been loving doing events and talking with people about our women inspired neckties! And with each event or conversation, we always get the question of "how did you decide on the first set of women to design after?" 

It is a perfectly valid question as selecting the first seven was the most difficult part of the design process, but arguably the most fun at the same time. 

As you are probably already aware, each of our neckties come with a storyboard that includes a unique illustration of the woman and a write up on what makes her such a badass. Read on to see what was written on the boards for each woman! We think it's a worthy read :)

March is More Than Just the Start of Spring. National Women's Histo...

March 08 2018
At andieanderin, we are anxiously awaiting March 20th to ring in the start of Spring and plan our many necktie ensembles for the new season. But we are dually excited to celebrate our first National Women's History Month since our inception. 

We Heart Michelle Obama and Her Neckties Too! (Photo Gallery)

January 10 2018
What is there not to love about Mrs. Michelle Obama? A gutsy, smart, bold and determined woman equal to her husband (ahem, the former president), she is a true symbol of femininity and strength. She also became a notable trendsetter while being FLOTUS and we couldn’t help but point out the many times she rocked the necktie trend. See the gallery of photos below.

The Top Women of 2017

December 28 2017
2017 was a monumental year all around. We know it was chock-full of headlines, movies, books, albums, events, etc., but honestly, what comes to mind when we think of the year is: Wonder Woman and a plethora of powerful women - those that marched to start the year and those that continued to make waves and lead conversations throughout the last twelve months.

That’s a Wrap on Kickstarter. Time to Launch! (Party Pics Galore)

December 19 2017

What a ride! The last 30 days has been some of the most challenging, rewarding, and emotional (in a good way) days of our lives! Our Kickstarter campaign closed at 136% of our financial goal and our new website launched, all on the same day. The moment was worthy of a celebration, so we threw a party with family, friends, and new collaborators. 

Inspiration 101: 20 Books on Amazing Women!

December 04 2017

2017 was a big year for women. And by looking at the sheer number of books published just this past year on the topic of strong women, you may agree. Check out these 20 books on amazing women! 

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