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15 Go-to Instagram Accounts for Women's History Month

March 17 2019

Do you spend as much time on instagram as we do? :) With its 1 billion+ users and record holding egg, it can sometimes be a hassle to find what you are looking for. For Women's History Month, we collected our top 15 instagram accounts to learn about trailblazing women. Read on to see the accounts we check regularly and let us know who we are missing!

International Women's Day was Epic (Photo Gallery)

March 10 2019

This past Friday, March 8 was International Women's Day. It was truly an EPIC day for us at andieanderin. We had an amazing display of community from our necktie tribe, we attended 4 events throughout the week, got some nice media coverage, and our necktie was on stage at sxsw for a feminist fashion talk! 

Read on for more highlights and to see all the amazing photos of our necktie tribe wearing their power neckties in honor of the day.

Is 2019 the Year Neckties Become a Staple in Women's Wardrobes?

February 18 2019

If social movements have anything to do with it, we think so. Neckties have been around for centuries, worn by both men and women. The design and material has changed through the years, but to this day, a necktie is a necessity in a man’s wardrobe, yet nowhere on the list of closet necessities for women. But that could change in 2019...

We are Turning 1!

December 04 2018
On Friday, December 7, we will officially be 1! We are so incredibly thankful to everyone that has supported our business and rocked our neckties! It has been a year of learning with major highs and major lows, but all in the name of starting and growing a business. See our greatest hits from our first year!

Upcoming Events

September 11 2018
We will be ladies of the town this fall and winter! With events on both coasts, you can find us in Seattle and New York in the coming months. See the list of events and even some giveaways!!

Behind the Scenes of Designing Collection Two (told through GIFs)

July 16 2018

We want to let you in on a little behind the scenes action as to how we select our women muses and tackle the design process. With a little help from Giphy, we are taking you through the many steps and accompanying emotions we experienced when designing our second collection of neckties.

Welcome into our world :)

We Are on TV. No Big Deal :)

February 02 2018

We are over the moon about Seattle stylist, Darcy Camden (@styled_seattle) highlighting our neckties in not just one tv appearance, but TWO times over the course of just two weeks! If you are not in Seattle or just happened to miss our tv debut, don't worry :) we have them here for your viewing. 

The Top Women of 2017

December 28 2017
2017 was a monumental year all around. We know it was chock-full of headlines, movies, books, albums, events, etc., but honestly, what comes to mind when we think of the year is: Wonder Woman and a plethora of powerful women - those that marched to start the year and those that continued to make waves and lead conversations throughout the last twelve months.

That’s a Wrap on Kickstarter. Time to Launch! (Party Pics Galore)

December 19 2017

What a ride! The last 30 days has been some of the most challenging, rewarding, and emotional (in a good way) days of our lives! Our Kickstarter campaign closed at 136% of our financial goal and our new website launched, all on the same day. The moment was worthy of a celebration, so we threw a party with family, friends, and new collaborators. 

How andieanderin Came to Life

November 16 2017

It is reported that in the U.S., 69% of men and 58% of women would prefer to be their own boss than work for someone else.(1)

We sympathize.

And this is how we got started :)