Is it Possible to Design a Necktie Inspired by Moms?

May 11 2018

On this Mother’s Day, we thought, how fun would it be to try and design a necktie inspired by ‘Moms’.

We understand this is nearly an impossible task, as moms are as diverse as we all are as people, so we took on the mission like we do with all our designs and turned to our research to help us determine the most genuine design.

History of the Women's Necktie aka Pussy Bow (Photo Gallery)

April 18 2018
Everything old is new again and that couldn't be more true for women's neckties (aka pussybows). It has been a relevant garment accessory for centuries, been a symbol of demureness, femininity, and power AND it has been called a host of different names including neck bow, floppy bow, bowtie, neck scarf, necktie, and pussybow to name a few. Take a stroll down memory lane with us as we look at how the women's necktie has transformed over the years.

March is More Than Just the Start of Spring. National Women's Histo...

March 08 2018
At andieanderin, we are anxiously awaiting March 20th to ring in the start of Spring and plan our many necktie ensembles for the new season. But we are dually excited to celebrate our first National Women's History Month since our inception. 

8+ Ways to Tie Your Necktie (Video and Images)

February 23 2018

When it comes to neckties, there really is no right or wrong way to tie them and no right or wrong way to style them. Experimenting in the mirror will bring out new tie options and new outfit ensembles you didn't even know were possible. Plus, who doesn't love a little styling session :) 

But, we also know a little 1-2-3 is always nice to get things started.

We Are on TV. No Big Deal :)

February 02 2018

We are over the moon about Seattle stylist, Darcy Camden (@styled_seattle) highlighting our neckties in not just one tv appearance, but TWO times over the course of just two weeks! If you are not in Seattle or just happened to miss our tv debut, don't worry :) we have them here for your viewing. 

We Heart Michelle Obama and Her Neckties Too! (Photo Gallery)

January 10 2018
What is there not to love about Mrs. Michelle Obama? A gutsy, smart, bold and determined woman equal to her husband (ahem, the former president), she is a true symbol of femininity and strength. She also became a notable trendsetter while being FLOTUS and we couldn’t help but point out the many times she rocked the necktie trend. See the gallery of photos below.

The Top Women of 2017

December 28 2017
2017 was a monumental year all around. We know it was chock-full of headlines, movies, books, albums, events, etc., but honestly, what comes to mind when we think of the year is: Wonder Woman and a plethora of powerful women - those that marched to start the year and those that continued to make waves and lead conversations throughout the last twelve months.

That’s a Wrap on Kickstarter. Time to Launch! (Party Pics Galore)

December 19 2017

What a ride! The last 30 days has been some of the most challenging, rewarding, and emotional (in a good way) days of our lives! Our Kickstarter campaign closed at 136% of our financial goal and our new website launched, all on the same day. The moment was worthy of a celebration, so we threw a party with family, friends, and new collaborators. 

Outfits for All 7 Days of the Week (with Neckties of Course!)

December 14 2017

Neckties (or pussybows) used to be reserved for the workplace with a blouse and suit.  Those days are long gone. I mean, don't get us wrong, they still look great with a power suit and any collared shirt, but you should also feel free to pair a necktie with a variety of necklines. With our first collection consisting of seven neckties, we have assembled an outfit guide detailing a look for every day of the week - each amplified by adding a one-of-a-kind necktie designed after an influential woman. 

Inspiration 101: 20 Books on Amazing Women!

December 04 2017

2017 was a big year for women. And by looking at the sheer number of books published just this past year on the topic of strong women, you may agree. Check out these 20 books on amazing women! 

Necktie Gift Guide

November 27 2017
Our first collection of neckties are designed after a diverse group of amazing women and can therefore make a great gift for any woman or girl in your life. In case you are not sure which necktie would be best for your special friend or family member, see our guide for an expanded list of the necktie personalities.

Women’s Neckties - Trend or Staple?

November 22 2017
Fashion is such an arbitrary word. Don’t get me wrong, I adore fashion. I mean you’d have to if starting a company in the fashion industry! It’s distinctive and often constant as it relates to how a person dresses. Fashion is also the prevalent styles induced by the newest creations of textile designers. Thank god for fashion designers!

How andieanderin Came to Life

November 16 2017

It is reported that in the U.S., 69% of men and 58% of women would prefer to be their own boss than work for someone else.(1)

We sympathize.

And this is how we got started :)

Press Release: New Fashion Start-up, andieanderin, Launch Kickstart...

November 07 2017
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