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  • 2” wide and 68” long
  • 100% silk
  • Spot clean or dry clean only
  • Made in USA

The ‘Woman for Women’ necktie is inspired by the amazing Melinda Gates. A champion for global health and women empowerment, this necktie is adorned with contraceptives, representative of her Family Planning 2020 initiative. If you haven’t already, you have to hear her 2012 TED Talk. Please google now and make your way back here in 25 minutes :) The color was chosen to underscore the staggering $40 billion the Gates Foundation has donated to global causes. There is no way to not feel empowered when wearing the ‘Woman for Women’ necktie.

The necktie comes with a storyboard that highlights Melinda Gate’s accomplishments.

Woman For Women Woman For Women Woman For Women Woman For Women