About andieanderin

There is a resurgence of women empowerment happening right now and we at andieanderin want to support and contribute to this momentous social conversation. 

We are devoted to producing neckties that uniquely represent influential women from history and today. Additionally, we pour our time into creating factual and fun storyboards to accompany each necktie. We hope that together, this product is a little bit educational and a lot of fun for your wardrobe.

There was a study published by Science Magazine at the beginning of 2017 that found that girls start to believe gender stereotypes by the age of six - and most notably that young girls start to believe boys are smarter than them.

There is no better time than the present to introduce and reinforce strong female role models to girls and young women. Our hope is that andieanderin can be one vehicle to do this. 


Hello, I’m Cara (Andie from Pretty in Pink) and I’m Lisa (Erin Brockovich) and we are the founders and creators of andieanderin. 

After years of wanting to start a business together, we have finally come together and pooled our skills to create what we refer to as ‘neckties that celebrate women.' And these neckties aren’t celebrating just any woman, they are designed to reflect the genius behind some of the most influential women from history and today.


A necktie with superpowers...if you will :)


Ok, I guess we can’t go that far, but we do think you will feel empowered and ready to take on the day once you tie this little lady around your neck.

You may be wondering why we chose a necktie. But really, there was no question - this garment transformer was thoughtfully picked to represent the women’s movement from the late seventies and the rise of women in prominent work positions in the eighties. And, they are a versatile and badass statement piece!

There are so many fabulous women to be celebrated and our hope is that AndieandErin can grow to be a library of neckties representing a diverse set of women - and you never know - maybe we could fill a museum exhibit one day. I mean, we wouldn’t turn away any calls from the Whitney (wink, wink).

Necktie Production:
We are deeply invested in every step of the necktie design and construction process and have recently moved our production from San Francisco to New York City.

Storyboard Production:
Our storyboards are researched, designed and written in house, but have several extra eyes on them from skilled contractors before they are passed to a Seattle-based and female-run print house. We hope to partner with some fantastic writers and illustrators for future storyboards.

Business Process:
We completed a successful Kickstarter Campaign where we raised 133% of our financial goal, enabling us to grow our necktie inventory and expand on our designs. 

We also feel obliged to inform you that the purpose of our necktie designs are to celebrate the success of these fabulous women, however no celebrity has endorsed our product. We would however, welcome the support and would ship a necktie in a heartbeat. We can be reached at hello@andieanderin.com :)